Hello, and welcome.

You'll find a lot of different things on this site, and they all have one thing in common, me. Like many people my age I have a problem with signing away my life in exchange for a paycheck. I'll continue to make my way towards adulthood, posting every project that I think up along the way.

Here's my background, quick and easy. I'm from Grand Rapids, MI and went to City High School. Then I went to the University of Michigan where I studied Medical Anthropology. Then I got lost. I worked a few stable jobs to pay off my student loan debt, but I couldn't stand it. In early 2012 I decided to go for everything that I wanted, so in I went into the great unknown. It's been a rough ride so far, but I've learned more now then I did during my 4 years in Ann Arbor. 

Let's talk more about me and who I am. My undergrad years were split between Pre-Medicine and the Anthropology Department, and much of that has not changed. Medicine, Anthropology, and Technology dominate my life now. So what is a young educated person, that can't sit still, to do with his future? The answer is to form his own startup of course. I have attempted a few ideas, and have failed at a few more, but the process is what keeps me going. Few things compare to seeing your ideas go from wireframe notes to a business pitch backed by a team of peers. 

The startup culture has been the cure to my restlessness. When I have an idea I write it out, design it, and pitch it. I let myself fail fast and often. This allows me to keep my mind clear for the big projects and topics that swirl in my head. 

I am still pushing forward towards a future in health, but the path has changed a bit. Public Health offers the possibility to reach a larger group of people, and new interdisciplinary subfields are using technology to push towards innovative solutions. Big data, Hyper-local data, crisis mapping, and open source networks are my future and I hope to take this focus into my graduate level work.   

Starting January 2014 I will begin a sabbatical of sorts. My time will now be used completely for all the things that interest me. 

All this work has been made possible through a generous donation from the BTH Foundation.

Ken Miguel-Cipriano
Mining for useful data